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Gospel-Centered Life Design

Something isn’t right. How can life feel stagnant and unsettled at the same time? Frustrated—or disappointed—you drift through the present, but your mind is on your future. But the future is confusing. What are you supposed to do with your life? Where are you going next? And what do you need to do here to get there?


Imagine that you didn’t just know how to navigate your next step in life but every step in life with the compass of your unique calling.


The Younique Experience releases the power of the identity God created in you. Other life planning methods have self-assessment; Younique has self-discovery. Others have goal setting; Younique has skill-building. Others have master teachers; Younique has master tools.


A day lived from your calling is a step towards what matters most. It’s a day that your activities advance the most important goals in every area of your life. It’s a day of overflowing joy and unquenchable hope.

The Younique Experience

The Younique Experience contains a powerful set of tools that is proven to help people find their calling in life and live it out God’s way. This is not a disconnected mix of self-assessments, a complicated thicket of goals, and a binder that gathers dust on a shelf. This is a system that integrates every part of a person’s world—not just their work—into the one thing God made them to do and structures habits that change their life day after day, year after year.

The Younique experience is a journey of learning the essential skills for

Gospel-Centered Life Design. With these skills, you can design a plan that

fits the life God dreamed for you.


At the end of the journey, you will be able to answer five questions with breakthrough clarity:


What am I called to do?

Why am I doing it?

How am I doing it?

When am I successful?

Where is God taking me?

Younique Master Tools:

Click each tool for more information.

Clarity Spiral.jpg


Start the gospel-centered life design journey and never stop, growing in clarity with every step.

Sweet Spot.jpg


Discover and name your One Thing—the thing God put you on earth to do.

Vision Frame.jpg


Declare who you are today through your 

LifeCallLifeCoreLifeStepsLifeScore, and LifeMap.

Horizon Story Line.jpg


Develop a simple plan for tomorrow, the next 90 days, the next year, and the next 3 years.

Life-Making Cycle.jpg


Live with clarity every day by applying simple rhythms to your life that keep you on track.

About Younique Founders:

The Younique brand was founded by two nationally known ministry leaders: Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes. Learn more about them here:

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