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"I exist to help people thrive and experience freedom

through aligning life choices to purpose."

Jacqui Sharrow

Certified Life Younique Coach

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I first began wrestling with purpose, meaning and direction as a youth.  As life began to prove that so much of what we chase after never really satisfies and the answers weren’t found in people, it ultimately led me to exchange my life for life in Jesus.  Life in Christ both satisfied the deep longing for “more” while also further awakening an even deeper awareness that I was created for…something.  I’ve spent much of my life reading books, blogs, listening to speakers and seeking out examples of and best practices for achieving goals and living a life on purpose.  Life’s too short to just get by.  Too often we settle for “normal” when “normal” for many is a life of dissatisfaction, doubt and wonder of “what if I was made for more or something different?” 

Eventually, I signed up to take what was described as a “gospel-centered life design” experience called Younique.  The process guided me through a set of tools, experiences and insights that yielded tremendous clarity of what my “must do” amongst so many “could, should, maybe” pursuits.  In fact, I was able to take all of who I am and the various hats I wear as a wife, mother of two girls and so much more into a single mission statement and even further down to two words that describe my Ephesians 2:10 calling:  “clarifying purpose.”

I’m passionate about leaning into my “must do,” which just happens to be helping people (you?) find their “must do” and arrange your life to effectively live out that purpose!  I believe in the power of a well-defined, rigorous and gospel-centered life design process found in the Younique experience.  I got certified as a Coach with Younique so I could dedicate more of my time to professionally helping others around the country experience the breakthrough clarity that is possible.  I’m offering virtual courses where groups of people can be equipped to both discover and live out who God has made them to be.

What is your why?  What is your “must do” on this planet?  What did God uniquely make you to do and be?  Are you ready to find out?

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